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Daniel Agger
Liverpool FC's #5
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11th-Jul-2011 07:41 pm - Good lad.

Monday 11 July 22:53 - Paul Rogers

Sat in the hotel bar trying to update lfctour.com and the official website in complete darkness save for a tiny tealight candle - with website editor Paul Eaton sat opposite me. Finally managed to grab some food in the downstairs restaurant about an hour ago (fried rice with chicken – nice) and now enjoying our first few beers of the trip. Claire, Mark, Craig and Paul Hayton are all upstairs editing video packages and sending clips back to England. The trip is going well so far – met loads of fans at the hotel and at training, all of whom are incredibly polite and very passionate about the Reds. Lots of the girls have been asking about the search for the panda – unfortunately the update is still the same: despite having been in China for 12 hours now, still not seen a single panda (real or otherwise)! Oh, and forgot to say, thumbs up to Daniel Agger for going out of his way to try and sign stuff for the fans in the hotel lobby when he returned from training a few hours ago. Good lad.

4th-Jul-2011 02:03 pm - Look who's back in training


So opinions on his new haircut and his new tattoo? :)

pictures are obviously from getty images...
2nd-Jul-2011 02:06 am - old pic.

have you ever seen this pic.

do you know that agger has his own brand of beer....name is "Bryggeriet"

oh, how great is he!!!


i really miss him....



3rd-Jun-2011 08:23 am - Daniel Agger Interview
Daniel Agger talking about his auction to help Danish soldiers who return from Afghanistan.

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