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Dan's new tattoo: a little update

I know it's already old but I decided to post it again anyway (maybe there's someone who hasn't seen the picture yet).

I made a similar post some days ago but it's stuck in the moderation queue, probably because I added the link of the source. 
By the way, a few days ago I was searching on for some official news about Gylfi Sigurdsson (a player that I'd like to see with LFC) and his transfer from Hoffenheim to Swansea. I also found an interview with Dan that according to Google Translate was about the Euros and the defeat against Brazil (Denmark had't played the match vs. Australia yet). With the interview there was this picture that solve the doubts about what his new palm tattoo is. Honestly I don't know how to comment it.


Am I the only one who noticed that he has probably also his phalanxes tattooed?

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