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Agger (+DBU) campaigning against domestic abuse

Daniel Agger, Simon Kjær and Thomas Sørensen in the "Give violence against women the red card" campaign. 

National team gives violence against women the red card

National team yesterday with the Minister for Gender, Lykke Friis, in a campaign to say no to violence against women.

28,000 Danish women are annually subjected to violence by their current or former partner. National teams play shows with the campaign "Give violence against women, the red card" that they are ready reject violence against women.

On the pitch there are clear rules. How should it be in homes. Therefore urges all national team players to provide violence against women a red card in a campaign that has Daniel Agger, Thomas Sorensen and Simon Kjær as front figures.

"21,000 children grow up in homes where their mothers being abused. We hope that football Denmark will help to call a halt to violence against women, " says national team's new state (think it means Captain here, oh well Google translate), Daniel Agger.

With their participation in the campaign helps the players to throw light on a community problem that annually affects 28,000 Danish women and their children.

Source (and to read the rest of the article): http://www.dbu.dk/Nyheder/2011/September/Landsholdet_giver_vold_mod_kvinder_det_roede_kort.aspx

gif credit: grosskreutz (Anna)

gif credit: grosskreutz (Anna) lol his awkward shifting

screening of the clip at the team's hotel

it's great that DBU got roped into this campaign.

on a shallow note: Agger looks deliciously gorgeous in that shirt.

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