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Dan on national duty

Photo: Jens Nørgaard Larsen

Denmark's new skipper Daniel Agger knows that the support from the fans is important to the players.

"It always means something, that the fans are behind us. It doesn't matter if it's Norway or Cyprus, it's always fantastic to have the fans at Parken. The fans mean more to us than people think," says Daniel Agger. (Danish)


Proud Agger: It's the biggest achievement

Photo: Liselotte Sabroe

Daniel Agger says the captaincy is the biggest achievement on the national team.

He is a leder on the pitch. He's the natural center of attention when on national duty. He regularly plays for one of the biggest teams in Europe. Daniel Agger is for many reasons the natural captain of the national team.

But, it's for the first time in his national team career this Tuesday that Agger will be walking first out of the tunnel and lead Olsen's eleven out to the clash with Norway. The armband has been given to Agger in the absence of Christian Poulsen, who was not called up due to his complex situation at Liverpool. Daniel Agger will underline that in the match against Norway he is the captain, and hopefully will be in the future, especially with a new coach.

"It's a big thing. One of the biggest you can attain as a player for the national team. From the first day you walk into the camp, to the day you stand there as the captain, it's a long process. And it isn't many people who do reach it. I'm very proud to wear the armband, but it's also important to point out that for me Christian Poulsen is still the captain," Agger explains.

"If you've come off to a good start with your club, free of injuries and won matches, it can help when you play for the national team. We are happy for the good start with Liverpool, but we do have such high expectations at the club that we need more than three good games to meet those expectations. It's still a long way, but you can always use victories to something positive."

"We're in a good position. Actually we couldn't wish for anything better. We have three qualification matches left, and two are at our home ground. So of course it's up to us to make it to the Euros. We will prove on Tuesday that we are better than Norway. If we can't beat them at Parken, then we don't deserve to qualify."

"I believe we are a better team. But, it's a new game on Tuesday, and we will prove again that we are the best. We can do that at Parken with the fans behind us." (Danish)

Throwing in a bonus picture from another article

Photo: Henning Bagger

Again, this is me translating the interviews, and I take full responsibility for mistakes and weird grammar! I have tried to be as accurate as possible :-)

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