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Swoon-worthy, I'd say

Sunday 17 July 01:35 – Paul Rogers

On the 57th floor of the hotel in the SkyPark bar. There’s a drinks reception which the players have been given permission to attend. Daniel Agger – a serious contender for title of most popular player on the tour – orders drinks for our media crew and then proceeds to spend the next half an hour stood by our table talking to us about everything from football to accents to restaurants to the work we do. When I tell him we had over 8 million page impressions on a single day last week, he can’t believe it. The Daniel Agger we were chatting to – and the one we’ve seen all week in Asia – couldn’t have been nicer and more chatty. The exact opposite of how he is every time we stick a TV camera in front of him at Melwood. “I don’t know why it is,” he says, when I ask what’s the issue with interviews, “I just don’t like doing it. TV stuff is not for me.” Fair enough.

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